Spencer Tracey was asked if he had any advice on acting, and his response was “Try not to get caught at it.”

How do you avoid getting caught? You can acquire tools and technique, what people call “craft” – all the stuff I learned at a fancy drama school, and some of it was useful and some of it was BS that got good actors second-guessing themselves and stuck in their heads.

There’s only one Spencer Tracey and there’s only one you. The more of you that is given free reign in a scripted moment the more alive you are as an actor. It is your truth, however non-linear, that will be impactful to someone watching you. All the fun stuff – the transformation, the character work, the imaginative leaps your “craft” can marshal will have no resonance if it doesn’t pass through you, wherever you happen to be at that moment.

No judge, no jury. Just you.

How I may help is by opening up channels and loosening the reins so that you can access and have confidence in your thing. If you trust that, you will secure a stronger purchase in this industry. If you don’t get a particular job – because you won’t get them all – you will have gone out on your shield. You will have left on good terms with yourself and ready for the next one.

This is a workshop for developing actors (is there any other kind) who work professionally and want to sink deeper into what makes them particular in a crowded field. Be the best YOU, the you that separates you from everyone else. That is your currency.


Location in West Hollywood Mondays and Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm starting July 1, 2019.